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Sachchidanand Sinha College, popularly known as S. Sinha College, Aurangabad was established in the year 1943 by a local dignitary, renounced pleader & social worker Shree Akhouri Krishna Prakash Sinha alias Tripurari babu with the moral support of his friends Dr. Sachchidanad Sinha and Dr Anugrah Narain Sinha. The name of this college was kept after the name of then Vice Chancellor of Patna Universty, Dr Sachchidanand Sinha, who granted affiliation in 1944 to this college at small sub-divisional town ‘Aurangabad’ when there was no existence of such college even in home district town as well as nearby district town. This College is situated 3 Kilo meters away from the main market of the town on Poiwan road, attracts the attention of the passers by with its vast campus emanating greenery from its green trees. It occupies the landed area of more than 20 acres.

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Our classrooms are full of diverse learners. My overall experience to date has been amazing, Some students need to be nudged to achieve at a higher level and other needs to be handled very gently so as not to discourage learning and damage self-esteem.

  • MCA, SESSION (2021-2023)

I am glad to provide you with my feedback about the college. My overall experience to date has been amazing, and the college is having an amazing infrastructure. Your college has provided me with a number of opportunities to grow and explore my skills.

  • MCA, SESSION (2021-2023)

The student will look forward to having the attention and allows the opportunity to ask necessary questions. A one-on-one conference should be generally optimistic, as this will encourage the student to look forward to the next meeting.

  • MBA.    Session- (2020-22)


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