Library Information Science

The Bachelor's Degree Programme in Library and Information Science (BLIS) was started by S.Sinha College, Aurangabad in response to the demand for large number of trained human resource in the field of library and information activities. Such human resources are required to occupy various positions in libraries, documentation centres and information centres/institutions in the country at various levels.

Over the years there have been tremendous changes in the field of library and information science due to the development of information communication technologies, particularly the computer and communication technologies, storage technologies and multimedia technology. These developments are changing the traditional face and concepts of all kinds of libraries and information institutions. The University, therefore, felt the need for accommodating new developments in the course contents of the BLIS Programme, already in operation, to meet the challenge of the changing needs. Looking at the tremendous demand of the BLIS Programme and the changing scenario of the library and information activities, the BLIS Programme was completely revised and offered in 2000. Library and Information Science (LIS) as a discipline is undergoing paradigmatic changes amidst the technology revolution in the society. The networked society requires instant access to information. User needs have undergone a sea change. LIS professionals need to update and reorient themselves to serve their users in this changing scenario.LIS schools should also update their curricula to prepare the professionals to equip themselves to face these changes.

Faculty Of Lirary Science
Sl.No. Name Qualification Degn. Contact No. Profile
1. Dr.Uday kumar M.Sc. MLIS Faculty Member 9308333248  
2. Mrs. Nitu Singh -- Faculty Member 9155225577  
3. Sri Bhola Kumar -- Faculty Member 9931489849  
4. Sri Rahul Kr. Singh -- Asstt. 8935821603  
5. Sri. Pappu Kumar -- Peon 9155670791  

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