Scope and Importance

Biotechnology is advance science and has mad advances in two major area. viz. molecular biology and production of industrially importance biochemical (including enzymes). The Scientists are now diverting themselves towards biotechnological companies, this has caused many biotechnological industries. I U.S.A alone about 225 companies have been and successfully working, like Biogen, Cetus, Geneatech, Hybritech etc. In world, U.S.A., Japan and many countries of Europe are leader in Biotechnological researchers are encouraged by industrialists. These companies are working for human welfare and opted following area for researches and development.

  • Automated bioscreening.
  • Biopricessing alkenes to valuableoxides and glycols.
  • Developing immobilized cells and enzyme systems for chemical process industries.
  • Engineering of series of organism for specific industrial use.
  • Genetic improvement of microorganisms for production of pharmeutical process.
  • Human gene therapy.
  • Improved production of vitamins B12
  • Large scale production of fructose from in expensive form of glucose.
  • Microbiological based production of human insulin and interferones.
  • Manufacturing of ethanol by continuous fermentation.
  • Microbiological up gradation of hydrocarbons.
  • Production and developments of vaccines to prevent calibacillosis.
  • Production of biopesticides and biofertilizers .
  • Production of diagnostic kit for toxoplasmosis idendification.
  • Production of xanthan gum in oil fields for recovery of crude miniral oil.

Department Of Bio-Technology
Sl.No. Name Qualification Degn. Contact No. Profile
1. Sri Anil Kumar Singh -- HOD 9908650942  
2. Sri Sanjay Kumar Singh --. Faculty Members 9473141161  
3. Sri Rajeev Ranjan Singh -- Faculty Members 9504156511  
4. Mrs. Shruti --. Faculty Members 9473025981  
5. Miss Sweta Kumari --- Lab Technician 8264508593  
6. Sri Ayodhya Singh -- Librarian 9955426759  
7. Sri Sanjay Pandey -- Peon 9060755918  

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