1 MoU with Sityog Institute of Technology, Aurangabad (Bihar)... Click here
2 MoU with Ambition Learning Solutions, Mumbai... Click here
3 MoU with Nutoras Food Private Limited, Mumbai... Click here
4 MoU with Sahicollege Mentoring Pvt.Ltd, Patna... Click here
5 MoU with Soft Software Development, Ranchi... Click here
6 MoU with Train India Learning & Development BFSI Academy, Bhubaneswar... Click here
7 MoU with IMS Ghaziabad... Click here


1 Approval of Choice Based Credit System (CBCS)... Click here

3. Funds/Grants received from Non-government bodies, Individuals, Philanthropers during 2016-2021.

1. Audit Report 2020-21... Click here
2. Audit Report 2019-20... Click here
3. Audit Report 2018-19... Click here
4. Audit Report 2017-18... Click here
5. Audit Report 2016-17... Click here

4. Library expenditure for Books, Journals etc during 2016-21.

1 Library Expenditure... Click here

5. Number of seats earmarked for reserved category as per COI/State Govt. rule.

1. Seats for reserved category as per State Govt.rule... Click here

6. Experimental learning through Project work/Field work/Internship during 2016-21.

1 Learning through Project work, Field work and Internship.... Click here

7. Number of Workshops/Seminars/Conference conducted during 2016-21.

1 Number of Workshops, Seminar and Conference conducted..... Click here

8. Number of research papers per teachers in the Journals notified on UGC website during 2016-2021.

1 Research papers published in Journals..... Click here

9. Number of Collaborative activities for Research, Faculty exchange Student exchange/Internship per year.

1 Collaborative activities for Reasearch, Faculty exchange etc...... Click here

10. Average percentage of students benefited by scholarships and free-ships provided by the Government during 2016-21.

1 Students benefited by scholarships and free-ships....... Click here

11. Average percentage of students benefited by guidance for competitive examinations and career counselling during 2016-21.

Students benefited by guidance for competitive examinations....... Click here

12. Percentage of students undertaking Project work/Field work/Internship in the current academic year.

Students undertaking Project work, Field work and Internship....... Click here

13. Percentage of class rooms and seminar halls with ICT-enabled facilities such as smart class, LMS etc.

20211225_135519. Click here
20211225_135902. Click here
20211225_140113. Click here
20211225_140145. Click here
20211225_141404. Click here
20211225_141429. Click here
20211225_141818. Click here
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